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is basically a false belief that is unyielding to actuality (aka fact). This definition differs from that of an Illusion in that an illusion is a false visual perception of reality. Many folks have both personal and business challenges because they are delusional. Now I didn’t say that they were “crazy” - just out of touch with reality.

No one is going to admit that they are delusional, but what’s most amazing is that the delusional offenders perceive themselves (and their ridiculous decisions) as possessing “pure genius.” When things go bad for them, they see their misfortune as being circumstantial (i.e. the economy, competition, bad karma, an annoying mother-in-law, etc., etc., etc.).

In my line of work as a strategist, I am often called into a marketing campaign as a last resort (rather than at the outset) to open the blinds, so to speak, and assist the delusional with a little clarity.

Why Am I Called In As A Last Resort?

Well…because of the over-inflated egos of the business, marketing, and sales “experts” involved in a marketing campaign, there is little room at the table for a strategist. From an “expert’s” perspective, if you’re calling in Dr. Marc - the 10th degree black belt of strategy, then you must have a hole (or holes) in your plan. In other words, there are potential weaknesses that could be exposed, which in turn, could make one or more of these “experts” look bad. From the perspective of the “experts,” it doesn’t sound like a very appealing option.

When I sit down with the business, marketing, and sales “experts,” the first thing that happens is the equivalent of a dog marking its territory. While no one actually drops their pants and urinates around their territory, it goes without question that the “experts” want to make sure that I am aware that they know more than me (or at least that’s what they think).

EXPERT: “Dr. Marc, I just want to make it clear that, when it comes to sales, I am considered THE expert. No one knows more than me. Got it?”

DR. MARC: “Mr. Expert, as anyone would agree, there is no question that you are far more knowledgeable than I when it comes to sales. With that in mind, I’m sure that you’ll have no problem answering these questions that I wrote down…”

That’s when the “expert” starts to squirm in his or her seat. It’s great to watch. No one wants to be called out on his or her errors, yet – it’s my obligation to the client to do just that. A strategist knows the questions that MUST be asked before implementing a campaign – the questions that typically make the “experts” uncomfortable. If those questions are not asked and properly addressed, the end result is disaster. It’s why small businesses often only last for a year (or less), and why large companies are often found frequently “renovating” their marketing.

Let’s switch tracks for a moment. As THE Headspace Authority (LOL), I am given the opportunity to meet folks who have goals that they are committed to achieving. Unfortunately, while most of their goals are achievable, the path that they’ve laid out to get there is far from realistic. To make matters worse, most of these folks are seriously delusional. Their plan is what I refer to as being too far to the mind end of the spectrum.

On one end of the spectrum are ideas carved by the mind – the mind end of the spectrum. On the other end of the spectrum is reality – the reality end of the spectrum. While it is true that you have to “see it in the mind” in order to begin your journey, it is crucial that what you see in the mind can actually become a hard reality. Am I just being negative or pessimistic? No, I think not. If one of my goals is to start a flying saucer company, and within five years, sell saucers that will allow people to commute to work like George Jetson (The Jetsons®), it is reasonable to suggest that I am seriously out of touch. You’d be better off designing and selling a mini personal helicopter.

When people finally realize that they’ve been delusional in their line of thinking, they contact me or attend one of my seminars in the hopes that I can “heal” their minds overnight and turn their goals into reality – oh, within a month or so. Again, it’s purely delusional.

Whether it’s a business venture or a personal goal, the unfortunate fact is that a strategist’s input is often met with an “I’ll show you!” attitude. Those who feel challenged (not in a positive way) by my recommendations often end up questioning, or should I say attacking, my credibility. Then end result is always the same - a more rapid journey to disaster.

What should you take from this article? If you are a reasonable individual, then what you should understand is that your plans and goals may not be in sync with reality – even if other “experts” are there cheering you on. In other words, even if everyone in the room is nodding yes, the answer still may be no. Sometimes the only reality check you need is a quick walk around the block to clear your head. Other times what’s needed is an outside, truly objective “in your face” dose of reality. Always be sure that your plan is sound before starting anything. The effort you make on the front end is the fuel for the very best outcome. Do you deserve anything less?

Dr. Marc Swerdlick is a master Relentless Tactical Strategist, and a real world, no holds barred self-improvement expert.  He is the Chief Mind Officer of MIND VIRUS Inc. - a company offering betterment solutions for the small business owner, and any individual who simply wants to improve.

Dr. Swerdlick is a well-known and sought after professional speaker, current member of The National Speakers Association, International Speakers Network, Global Speakers Federation, and The National Speakers Association of Illinois. Dr. Marc is known for his directive, strategic “bullet-like” approach to business, professional, and personal betterment. Dr. Marc doesn’t just tell you that you need to make a change: He tells you how to get it done.

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