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Pre-Owned vs. Used

Saturday, April 24th, 2010


For years on end, the term Used represented cars that were awaiting their second owner. In the early 90’s, Lexus® (a division of Toyota®) began popularizing the term Pre-Owned (the actual term they used was Certified Pre-Owned).

Today, in a down economy, many automotive dealers are choosing to go back in time and reference a term that has a lot less luster than Pre-Owned, but is in line with a challenging economy. That term is Used.

With the exception of a vehicle being crowned “Certified,” the terms Used and Pre-Owned are pretty much synonymous. Having said that, in some parts of the country (especially those hardest hit by the current economic struggle), the term Used sounds a little less shiny than Pre-Owned. And sometimes, using a term with a little less polish and a little more dust, is what’s right for the times.

When compared to Pre-Owned, the term Used suggests that a shopper is getting a better deal. In reality, there is no difference. But what matters most is perception. As you glance around, you will notice terms such as value and layaway creeping back into the culture. That kind of trend should be a wake-up call for businesses that are hungry for business, but operating with a 2005 mindset.