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Bad Advice

Thursday, July 29th, 2010


Throughout my life, I must say that – my parents withstanding, I have received more bad advice than good. Now I realize that most people will not admit that, but I am NOT most people (or even similar to most people). The good news is that I was smart enough NOT to follow “faulty input.”

Most people dish out advice that makes THEM (those dishing out the advice) feel good. They’ll tell you that it’s okay to eat like crap, it’s okay to be a beaten (hen-pecked) husband, it’s okay for your husband to treat you ten steps below a house pet, it’s okay for the kids to be spoiled brats, etc. Just look at their circumstances and you will automatically understand from which direction comes the BAD ADVICE.

Taking that advice makes you WEAK.

When you express you “concerns” with regard to BAD ADVICE, the response that is often returned is one of belittlement – almost as if the deliverer of that advice were suggesting that THEY are, in fact, the oracle.

Personally, I don’t put up with that crap.

OTHER DAD: “Oh mah gaaawd…you don’t let your kids go to McFastfood?”

DR. MARC: “They have NEVER been to McFastfood.”

OTHER DAD: “Oh mah gaawd – sooo you never let your kids have anything bad?”

DR. MARC: “Stupid say what?”

OTHER DAD: “What?”

DR. MARC: “Exactly. I simply find healthier substitutes. My kids seem happy and have never asked me to go to McFastfood. In fact, my older daughter was once brought to McFastfood on a play date, and simply opted to eat a Kashi bar that we packed along…just in case.”

DR. MARC: “Should I apologize because I don’t want my daughters to grow up to be morbidly obese, lethargic loads of cellulite? Is that what you’re suggesting? Do you want me to apologize for the fact that my children are smart enough to make healthy food choices and not eat crap?”

OTHER DAD: “Just you wait. You’ll see what happens when they get into high school!”

DR. MARC: “I’m betting that you are incorrect. My kids have learned to simply substitute. They prefer a sweet mango over a handful of partially-hydrogenated Skittles. They prefer brown rice chips (Blue Ginger) over greasy potato chips. They don’t like hot dogs, and they prefer a turkey burger over a hamburger. So tell me, how does that hurt you?”

OTHER DAD: “Duh…err…well it doesn’t HURT me. I, I, I….”

DR. MARC: “Now let’s see: I’m 44 and you’re 44. I weigh 2oo and I am mostly muscle. You weigh 215 and you have more rolls than a bakery, and more hair coming out of your ears and nose than I have ever had on my head. I have never been on a medication and you are on many medications. You have no energy and appear to have the testosterone level of a 95 year old man living in Boynton Beach, FL, and I have the testosterone level (all natural) of five guys combined who work in San Pornando Valley. Oh – and just so you don’t play the ‘I am busier than you are…’ understand that I own four companies and I’m going ALL THE TIME. And one more thing…I have never missed one of my kid’s school events. In many cases, I was the only dad there amongst a sea of moms.”


Many of you have bad judgment that is perpetuated by your environment (often times by your peers or even your spouse). You NEED to break the chains that bind you or you will live a less-than-fulfilled life. I promise.

Remember this: Just because THEY do it,
does not mean that IT is smart.

THEY spend hours watching television.

THEY eat a lot of food that is poisoning their bodies.

THEY drink wine, beer, Muffaritas, and Muffitos like they were fish.

Most advice that you receive in life is from THEY, and most advice that you receive is not what I would consider to be quality information. When someone attempts to make you feel bad about a decision or “counters” what you see as being reasonable, first consider the underlying source of that information. Understanding someone’s circumstances is often a great way to ward off BAD ADVICE.

Think about it and then tell your friends, family,
acquaintances and enemies to read this blog.


Have A GREAT Day!

…Dr. Marc (The DARK LORD)