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Principles & Rules

Thursday, April 28th, 2011


From time to time, I find myself in discussions about “principles and rules” relative to various areas of life. For example, even though social media is relatively young, certain “experts” have decided what’s allowable and what’s not.

When you’re weak, you tend to follow “pseudo-rules” established by the herd. When you are a leader (or just don’t care), you make your own rules – even if it offends and/or alienates the crowd. I will admit that, other than my family and close friends, I really don’t care who I offend IF what I’m doing is in the best interest of my family, close friends, or yours truly.

Here are a couple examples:

Within the world of chiropractic are doctors who believe that they are more “principled” than the rest of herd – simply because of their personal adherence to the philosophy which serves at the “backbone” to the chiropractic profession.

I have a big problem with ANYONE who claims that – because of their belief, they are somehow more “principled” than anyone else. The founders of chiropractic are long gone. Today, there is no king or queen of the profession. Therefore, the idea that one group or person can claim superiority over all others – to the point where other chiropractors are lured into believing that they are somehow LESS PRINCIPLED, is beyond pathetic.

The word PRINCIPLED has no attachment to a belief
system, whether it be a profession or a religion.

There are folks who believe that – because of their PRINCIPLED commitment to their respective religion, they now have a closer relationship to their higher power (lol). That’s pure crap, and yet – because most people were slowly indoctrinated from the time of their birth to adulthood, they actually believe that someone’s choices relative to their religion brings them closer to…GOD.

Say’s who?

When your higher power ¬†comes knocking on my door and says, “Hey…Dark Lord, if you give up having sex, I’ll let you sit next to me in the afterlife,” then guess what? I’m NOT giving up sex. My response would be something along the lines of, “Thanks, but no thanks. Have a wonderful day!”

I am of the belief that most religion is nothing more than pixie dust, but hey – if you want to give up living in the NOW so that you can prepare for the “afterlife,” then have at it (LOL).

Last summer, some acquaintances -friends of a friend, asked my friends and I if we would like to join them on a motorcycle ride out to Northwest Illinois. We said, “Sounds good!” About half-way through the ride, we stopped off for lunch at a place called POOPYS. Yes, that’s really the name of this joint, and if you find yourself riding along the Illinois side of the Mississippi (in Savanna), I highly recommend a visit. The food is decent, and there’s usually live entertainment. You can also get a tattoo while you wait for your burger.

As we’re sitting there eating lunch, one of the guys (Pete) asks us why we don’t have a flag hanging off the back of our motorcycles. I respond with, “That’s not my thing.”

PETE: “So you don’t DO any of the rides to support our vets?”

DR. MARC: “No.”

PETE:Why the f__k not?”

DR. MARC: “Just to set your little mind straight, I donate money to many different organizations, two of which support our troops and vets. To be frank, I like to support organizations that focus on children and childhood illnesses (below is a link to the Dark Lord riding for St. Baldrick’s – Dr. Marc is the sexy bald guy on the Road King wearing sunglasses in the lower left hand photo). But more importantly, why the hell is that any of your business?”


PETE: “Hey – relax man. You’re a Harley dude. You’re one of us. We’re here for America man! We ride for our country!”

DR. MARC: “Are you for real? First of all pal, I didn’t buy a Harley so that I could wear the coat and become Captain USA. I bought a Harley because it made for a more comfortable ride than my last bike – a BMW Montauk. Secondly, when I was writing the check for the bike, I didn’t drape myself in a flag, stand up, and take some oath. Sure – I’m proud to be an American, but that’s got nothing to do with my motorcycle. I’m a big boy now, and I don’t need no stinkin’ membership to any club. Second, the frame and the engine of a Harley may be manufactured in the USA, but many of the accessories are made in Taiwan. Just check the packaging at any Harley dealership and you’ll be shutting your mouth real quick!”

PETE: “Hey man – it’s like an unwritten rule. If you’re a Harley guy, you’re all about America! It’s about principle man!”

DR. MARC: “Are you sure about that? What kind of television do you watch at home? Is it made in America? You’re strong on your principles, right Pete? If you’re going to talk the talk, then you’re certainly not going to sit there and tell me that you don’t walk the walk, right Pete? RIGHT, Pete?”

PETE: “Oh…but you have a Harley jacket!”

DR. MARC: “That’s right Sherlock. When I purchased my bike, they GAVE me a pretty decent jacket that included Kevlar padding. I COULD go out and buy one that doesn’t say Harley-Davidson on it…OR I can wear the one that didn’t cost me a cent. It was FREE and it does the job. On the other hand, you are wearing what appears to be an inexpensive pair of Harley-Davidson sunglasses…which, based on your limited intelligence, are manufactured in the Harley-Davidson sunglass manufacturing facility in Milwaukee, WI, right?

PETE: “Hey wise-ass, I know they don’t make their own sunglasses!”

DR. MARC:¬†“I am wearing Oakley sunglasses – so that I can SEE BETTER. That’s kind of important when you’re on a motorcycle. And for the record, I am NOT the one associating the concept of being PRINCIPLED with anything to do with a motorcycle. For you, riding a Harley is a religion. You’re just what Harley-Davidson likes. You’re not only a brand ambassador, but you pray at the alter of HARLEY! Let me guess: On Saturday morning, you and the boys load the gun rack, get into your pick-up, and go hunting and fishing. On Saturday night, you and the boys head out to the strip joint for a little ‘stank on the hang-low.’ And then – on Sunday morning, you put a gigantic religous symbol around your next, make your way to the front row at your house of worship, beg forgiveness for the previous night’s activities with that L-A-R-G-E-R woman named Candy, and afterward – go out to IHOP for some pancakes and grits. Did I nail it or what?”

PETE: “Very funny. What’s the matter – you don’t like strip clubs?

DR. MARC: “No, I don’t like strip clubs! I would feel like a giant turd – stuffing $1.00 bills in the bikini of some woman that I don’t know, who – quite frankly, is probably disgusted by any guy who would come out to a club and shove $1.00 bills into her stanky crotch. But hey, that’s just my line of thinking. Besides, I’ve got a smokin’ hot wife at home who is ‘all that’ and a bag of diamonds!”

PETE: So like I said…I know that Harley doesn’t make their own sunglasses, and seeing as how these only cost me $25.00, I’m figuring that some other company made them and allowed Harley to put their name on them.”

DR. MARC: “Good thinking Pete. That’s called licensing. And where do you think those $25.00 sunglasses were made? One guess: They have a GREAT WALL, and when you eat their food, twenty minutes later, you’re hungry again.”



In chiropractic, there is no one presiding over the “principles.” There is NO KING or QUEEN of chiropractic. No one, regardless of their degrees, how many books they’ve authored, or the number of talks they’ve given, gets to decide who IS and IS NOT principled. I don’t care how much of a hard-on you have for chiropractic philosophy, there is no question that I am far more principled than you will ever be – even on your best day. Who says? I SAY!!! Sorry…I know it hurts. Go ahead and have a good cry. There you go – let it all out.

This same rule applies to any and all areas of life – regardless of profession and/or area of interest. The are no commandments. There are no rules.

I had a chiropractor (go figure) tell me that I violate certain rules regarding social media. I asked him where the rule book was. He said it was an unwritten rule. I laughed.

With that in mind…



I enjoy riding my motorcycle, but I am less interested in the brand, and more interested in what came packaged with the product. I purchased my Harley because it’s the bike that best fits my needs. There are more Harley dealerships across the USA than any other brand (which means that getting service – if needed, is not a major challenge). I did not take an oath to Harley-Davidson, and I am not living out some fantasy of being a “weekend badass” who hides behind a leather coat and a pair of Harley sunglasses (lol).

Anyone who knows me, and has known me since my youth, knows that the Dark Lord (me) need not a motorcycle to maketh the man. The MAN was already BAD…VERY BAD. If anything, Harley-Davidson should be taking an oath to the Dark Lord. A “thank you” note would also be nice.

Have A GREAT Day!

…Dr. Marc – The Dark Lord of Mind Virus