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Thursday, May 10th, 2012


When it comes to the world around us, there is Transparence and Translucence. In short, Transparence refers to something that is crystal clear, whereas Translucence refers to something that is diffuse – like a frosted beer mug. In the area of marketing psychology, Transparence and Translucence respectively take on different meanings.

Transparence refers to that which is obvious – such as a sexy woman, with a Playboy body, in an outrageously sexy dress – “spritzing” samples of a new men’s fragrance in an upscale department store. There is no secret to the marketing tactic in place. It’s obvious. It goes without saying that a man is more likely to respond to a “spritz shark” when she is a very sexy woman in very sexy attire.

Translucence is less obvious. It basically refers to marketing in the periphery. It’s what’s in your view, but not necessarily acknowledged by your conscious mind. Some folks refer to Translucence as Subliminal Marketing, but that is not accurate. Subliminal Marketing attempts to hide a persuasive component within the conscious sensory of one’s surroundings. Translucent Marketing isn’t hidden. It’s just not always blatantly apparent.

For instance, if we refer back to our sexy spritzer, an example of a Translucent tactic would include having the sexy spritzer wear a scent that serves as a succelerant in terms of a desired male response. In other words, there are certain scents that, when combined with the chemistry of a female’s skin, create an incredible, sometimes overwhelming physiological response in a man. I am not just talking about attraction (Pheromones). A Translucent tactical approach would go way beyond mere attraction. It would actually take a man to a “different” place (mentally-speaking).

Translucent Marketing is both science and art. As I stated, its focus is the periphery. Its role is a “supporting actor” in a marketing campaign. In a restaurant, its the “things” that you see around you…but that you really don’t see. It’s not the food, but it could be the plate.┬áIn a doctor’s office, it’s NOT the degrees on the walls, nor the furniture in the reception area. Simply stated, it’s NOT just the environment, and it’s NOT just about staging (although it does incorporate both). In essence, it’s about Translucent Succelerants.

Translucent Marketing is an arm of Strategic Communication. It is a form of non-verbal communication that analyzes your surroundings (with respect to a business and/or a bachelor pad – LOL), and asks you to consider your periphery like individual degrees on a compass.

Translucent Marketing is a component of our upcoming ADVANCED STRATEGIC COMMUNICATION program. It will teach you how to effectively take two crucial action steps:

1). Remove communication obstacles

2). Install communication succelerants

The impact of optimally-effective Translucent Marketing, will take you to NEW and HIGHER levels of success in communicating your message. The information is exciting and transformational.

Have A GREAT Day!

…Dr. Marc & The Mind Virus Team