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Tuesday, July 17th, 2012


No one can see into the future, but sometimes there are such blatant clues as to what will happen that the ¬†future becomes predictable with absolute certainty. Such is the case with a weight loss supplement that has become “all the rage” within the weight loss industry and, as you might expect, within the world of chiropractic.

HCG – Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (aka the pregnancy hormone) was first used as a weight loss ¬†supplement back in the 1950s and is now back with a vengeance. Today’s blog post is not a discussion about this supplement, rather a conversation about complications that may arise as a result of a “drift” from one’s core product or service.

A couple of years back, many chiropractors started jumping on the HCG bandwagon. These are typically the same kind of chiropractors who also jump onto the next “big thing” with respect to multi-level marketing schemes (aka MLM, aka network marketing, aka direct marketing, aka pyramid systems). Last week it may have been a special juice made from rare berries that are only found in the depths of the Amazon, and this week it may be a new anti-aging pill made from the pit of a melon that is only grown in one of the most inaccessible places on Earth.

In many cases, the chiropractors pushing these products often lack the ability to MARKET and SELL their core service, chiropractic care. In order to compensate for this deficiency, they resort to multi-level marketing. They defend themselves with comments like, “We are about total health, and that includes losing weight.” And yet, if you question them as to why they aren’t educating their patients about the type of healthy living that will lead to long-term weight loss, most will look at you like a deer in headlights. After all, what they believe is that there is no money to be made in showing people how to make healthy choices. In contrast, there IS money to be made by selling bottles and bottles of HCG, and – as the case may be, getting the patient involved in the MLM business.

The chiropractors also argue the point by emphasizing the need for multiple streams of income. While that topic is a discussion for another day, I would only say that there is a BIG difference between selling someone a bottle of premium omega-3 oil and signing a patient up as a new distributor in your network marketing system.


As long as you don’t violate FDA rules in terms CLAIMS (i.e. “You will lose 50 lbs in 15 days…and still be able to eat whatever you want!”), there are really NO limits in terms of what can be sold to the public – regardless of its efficacy. HCG may work very well. Again, that is not the point of our discussion. The point is that an excellent brand of HCG is now being sold at Walmart for a price that is making many chiropractors poop in their pants.

Oh sure, the obviously bitter chiropractors will tell you how lousy THAT brand is because, well, it’s being retailed at a discount department store. And yet, they are talking about the same discount department store that also sells the Apple iPad (not at a discount per se, but that they carry it is what matters).

Point of Fact: This brand, which is now being sold at Walmart, has made INELIGIBLE – the sale of this product in a chiropractor’s office. The $50.00 little bottle of HCG drops that they were selling in their chiropractic practices have now been undercut by an equal size bottle (of similar, if not BETTER quality) at Walmart…for just $20.00. Additionally, the bottle at Walmart comes with lots of information about the HCG program, a link to a website, etc. You get the whole magilla…for just $20.00!

What I would like you to focus on today is one very simple concept: To succeed, be sure to focus your energy on the MARKETING and SELLING of your core product or service. A weak infrastructure will lead to a “reach” in many directions, often times in the direction of MLM.

As has been the case with MLM super juices made from berries only found in the Amazon, inevitably these products become available at warehouse clubs and discount department stores. That means that your claims relative to the scarcity and exclusivity of these products is, well, a bunch of bullsh*t. The bottom line is that you have but two choices: (a) You can focus on your core, or (b) Continue on your journey in search of the next “NEW and INCREDIBLE” network marketing product.

Have A GREAT Day!

…Dr. Marc & The Mind Virus Team