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PRESUASION 2018 is a comprehensive, two-day chiropractic marketing event that will provide attendees with an arsenal of strategy designed to continually build and sustain a thriving practice.

***Seminar DOES NOT Include the Presuasion VI Manual***

Perhaps you believe yourself to be a business/marketing expert?

Maybe you’re under the “guidance” of a practice management company?

Regardless of where you are in terms of marketing your practice, the fact is that you NEED an education in marketing strategy specific to chiropractic.

Despite what you believe you know to be true and/or what you may have heard, the fact of the matter is that MARKETING is not selling. It’s not advertising. It’s not promotion. It’s not PR.ve

MARKETING is getting the consumer to want what you believe she or he NEEDS.

MARKETING utilizes influence and persuasion to having such a strong desire for your product or service such that they are ready to say “YES!” even before they walk into your practice.

In timing with the release of the NEW MEGA-MANUAL, Presuasion VI, the Presuasion 2018 Seminar will not only add greater clarity to the concepts and strategies in the manual, but will take things up 10 levels to a place that will add real power to your marketing and communication.

The NEW Presuasion VI Manual and Presuasion 2018 Seminar are a synergistic combination that will elevate your strategic approach to not only get prospective patients to want what you have, but even more important – to help them help YOU build your practice.

TO BE CLEAR…the PRESUASION 2018 Seminar is not simply a review of the NEW Presuasion VI Manual. The seminar begins with the manual no different than a baker starts with cake prior to adding the frosting and decorations. The frosting and decorations, along with the SPECIAL EXTENDED RELATIONSHIP afforded only to those who attend Presuasion 2018, is a unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

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***Seminar DOES NOT Include the Presuasion VI Manual***