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A Mind Virus Seminar is more than just “a few good ideas,” and it’s certainly more than just a great experience. Every Mind Virus Seminar includes the concepts, the blueprint, and the action plan. We don't just pack our seminars with information, rather, it's information that's actually usable. It's information that will make a REAL difference in your world - whether it's personal or business.

Mind Virus Seminar

Anyone can sell you a seat at a seminar, but in many cases, you leave saying to yourself, “That was nice, but now what?” Been there. Done that. Regardless of the topic, we tell you what needs to be done, and then we show you how to do it.





"I had a bio researcher to my right and a gelato store owner to my left. In between them was me, a former advertising account executive turned stay-at-home mom and part-time entrepreneur. What I tell people about Marc is that he has the best approach to many areas of what he calls 'Personal Betterment.' I've been exposed to every motivational and sales coach you can rattle off, and every single one of them is more famous than Marc. But Marc's approach is still the best.” - Stacy Feinberg, Hallandale, FL

“I’ve spent a lot of money on seminars, but the STOP Seminar was – by far, the best seminar that I’ve ever attended. It’s the first time that I’ve flown back home feeling like I should have paid more than what I paid to hear someone speak.” - Jim Bauer, Boston, MA