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Dr. Marc Swerdlick


If you’re looking for a professional speaker that does more than just tell a bunch of “star fish” stories or a story “about the train that could,” you need to book Dr. Marc. The sad fact is that many speakers know how to give a good speech, but don’t know how to deliver substance.

The days of fluff are past. If your audience needs a kick in the pants that’s packaged with a plan of action, then look no further – Dr. Marc is the man for the job.

Speaking Inquiries: (800) 991-MIND

“Dr. Marc is a different kind of speaker. I was so sick and tired of hearing “fortune cookie stories” from motivational speakers brought in to speak to our company. Just the thought of sitting through one more keynote was enough to make me sick. From the first minute of his presentation, Dr. Marc had me laughing and cheering. But the best part of the presentation was the information. For the first time, I actually received hard-core implementable advice that I’ve used, that has made me a better person and a better leader.” - Asher Goldman, PDG Inc.