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All of our products are tools. We don’t sell anything that doesn’t have a purpose, and no, we certainly don’t sell Dr. Marc bobble heads. We don’t understand how some folks sleep at night after selling crap on their website. Just because someone will buy it doesn’t mean that you should sell it, right? RIGHT.

Posters with little quotes beneath pretty pictures make nice wall coverings, but at the end of the day, are wastes of money. Whether you’re buying a poster, a book, a CD or a DVD, the bottom-line is that anything you purchase from Mind Virus is something that propels you forward.

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The Fresh Start Chiropractic Manual - 2nd Edition is the ultimate start-up guide for new doctors. It contains everything that they don't teach you in chiropractic college, but wish they did. This incredible manual takes you on a journey from discovering how you'd like to practice, where you should practice, and how to establish yourself in the community. The manual is over 250 pages, printed on Rainforest Alliance paper, and…Read More

“I have to admit that - at first, Dr. Marc's information made me feel a little uncomfortable. A lot of his advice contradicted what I’ve read and heard from all the "gurus" out there. But considering that Dr. Marc’s guidance actually got me where I need to be, I would recommend that EVERYONE consider purchasing Dr. Marc's materials and prepare themselves for non-stop ice-cold shower of reality.” - Stephanie Cole, NY, NY