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Fresh Start Manual (Chiropractic)

Fresh Start Manual (Chiropractic)


The FRESH START CHIROPRACTIC MANUAL - SECOND EDITION (250+ pages) is the ultimate start-up and marketing guide for both new and established doctors. For the new doctor, this manual is everything they don't teach you in school - which is typically everything that you REALLY need to know. This manual is your opportunity to build your practice CORRECTLY from the beginning of your professional career so that you don't have to continuously reinvent yourself or resort to giveaways, discounts, and freebies.

For the established doctor who is looking to expand, this manual is an opportunity to open a second location or even start all over again - doing it RIGHT. Everything from location and site selection to establishing yourself in the community is covered.

Your patients deserve more than a con-artist with a DC degree. You either do it the RIGHT way, or you'll be one of those doctors who jumps from system...to system...to system.

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