Mind Virus E-Zine


"I have never attended a seminar where I actually felt like I cheated the speaker. Usually I leave feeling like I got something out of a convention, but with Dr. Marc, I feel like I paid tool little for what I received. I came to the convention hoping to go home with a few tips to help me improve our marketing, but what I got was a big smack to the side of the head. Dr. Marc, I can't thank you enough. Next one, I'm bringing the entire office."
                                                                              -Vincent  D., CEO, IWSS, Phoenix/Chicago

“Wow - that hurt! It was a long 4-day convention, but the best speaker by far was Dr. Marc. The SHIFT breakout session took my breath away, but I needed a good mind scrambling. Sometimes you need a fresh perspective on life, and four hours with Dr. Marc did just that. My entire outlook on my life and how I run my office changed. Thanks, see ya in August.”
                                                                                          -Dr. Benton H., DDS, Palo Alto, CA

“The SHIFT? What are you kidding me? That wasn't a shift. It was a punch. Dr. Marc and staff, thanks for sliding the screen door out of the way. Clarity is everything. Whenever you speak, I'll be there. Next time I'm bringing my wife and my two sons. There's no way that I can possibly pass along what you presented in The Shift. Great stuff. Thanks Marc."                                                                                               -Jack "Jimmy" R., PrimEvents, Inc. 

“Thanks for all your time and energy in putting on the Pre Sales Strategy Seminar. It far exceeded my expectations. As I have heard Marc speak before, I knew the information would be valuable, but this seminar far surpassed what I thought would be offered. In my over 20 years in chiropractic, I have never met a seminar speaker with the integrity and knowledge that Marc Swerdlick has. I spoke with 3 of the doctors that I referred to the seminar, and they were pleasantly surprised at the info presented. They and I know that there is a way to build your practice with honesty and integrity, and Marc has given us the information. I look forward to future events. Again, Thanks."                                -Dr. John R.

“I thought you were going to make my office manager cry...with tears of joy. ORBIT was one of the best marketing seminars that I've ever attended. My office manager Bea kept on jabbing me in the side, telling me 'I told you so, I told you so.' She loves you. We got a lot out of the seminar and continue to listen to the CD's. Talk soon."
                                                                                            -Jonathan T., Cosmetic Solutions