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No smoke and mirrors. No inspiration or motivation. We won’t tell you that bird droppings on your windshield or rain on your wedding day are a sign of good luck, and we won’t tell you to hide under your bed on Friday the 13th.

That’s not what we do.

That’s not who we are.

Mind Virus is a company that was started with one fundamental goal in mind: Actualization. We make things happen. Our products and services will make you more focused, will transform you into a more
effective communicator, and are the catalysts for tangible
results that will transform your goals into reality.


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From JUNE 9, 2014:

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you can’t help but notice the increased addition of avocados to menus ranging from high-end restaurants, right on down the ladder to some of the “healthier” fast food chains. It’s no accident that …» Read More

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