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The Universe

Thursday, January 20th, 2011


They make me PUKE!

Who am I talking about?

I am talking about the folks out there who believe the “Universe” owes them something. You know who I’m talking about – the folks who believe that THEY DESERVE the good things in life as a result of their struggles.

Allow me to shed some enlightenment on your life:

1). The universe owes you nothing.

That’s right – NOTHING. You were brought into a world that wants you neither rich or poor. What happens in your life is a result of either circumstance or planning (both good and bad). If something awful happens to you, you don’t then “deserve” to win the Publisher’s Clearinghouse Sweepstakes. That’s not how it works. Sure, I would certainly “hope” that for you (lol), but “hope” is NEVER a strategy. In fact, the only time “hope” is a strategy, is when there is no strategy.

2). No Power

That’s right folks – your “higher power” doesn’t have a master plan for you. Now that you know that, you can actually take responsibility for your own life. Doesn’t that feel good?

To assign credit to a higher power when things go well, and then assign fault to “the devil” or “evil” when things go bad, is just plain stupid. Really folks…it’s time to grow up.

You were born with a brain, and if it is your belief that your higher power gave you that brain, then that’s okay by me. What’s NOT okay is handing over control of your life, and then simply waiting by the curb for good fortune to come by to give you a lift.

The larger point is that there is no force in the universe that you can tap into and access good fortune. Expecting good things because you have good energy is stupid. The people who go through life repeating affirmations like, “I’m a good person and I EXPECT to be rich,” are simply delusional (as mentioned in a previous blog post). If they do have a bout of good fortune, they BELIEVE that it was associated with their positive expectation – almost as if they were suggesting that, had they not “expected” good fortune, it would not have arrived. Again, idiotic thinking.

How you wake up in the morning has nothing to do with circumstances. Being struck by another automobile while you are waiting for a traffic light to turn green, has NOTHING to do with your mental attitude that morning. You could have woken up on top of the world, or you could have felt like shit. Makes NO difference. Certainly, it could affect how you are perceived by others, and of course, your own actions – but truth be told, how you feel (your mental state) has nothing to do with whether it rains on your wedding day or not. It just doesn’t.

Some of you have made such bad decisions that it’s no wonder why you attempt to justify where you are by repeating a mantra of, “Duh…my higher power has a reason that IT wants me here. IT wants me to live in this crap town, with these horrible people, and wants me to be poor. No one understands the way of _____ (fill in the name of your favorite higher power), but there is a reason for everything.”


There are NO REASONS!

Knowing that should inspire you to take greater control over your life. No one has a plan for you. No one. Oh sure, I know what your mommy and daddy taught you, but seriously folks, if you were born on another planet, and you arrived on Earth hearing that some “force” performed A, B, and C (miracles), you’d laugh your ass off.

I love it when Religion A laughs at Religion B’s claim that we (the people of earth) came from another planet. But a woman being formed from a guy’s left testicle or other body part seems to make a hell of a lot more sense, right?

Kool-Aid® anyone?

No matter who or what you BELIEVE in, I guarantee you that IT wants you to take responsibility for your own life. This isn’t a matter of faith. This is a matter of intelligence.

The Universe wants nothing from you, and has nothing to give. There isn’t some river of riches that you can tap into like a stream of sap running through a Vermont Maple. You can BELIEVE that if you like, have a couple experiences that confirm your belief (i.e. My horoscope said that I would take three dumps today…and I did!!!!), but the FACT is that it’s just coincidence. There’s no force, no fate, no plan. It’s just you. Accept it and then decide to take control over your life. If not, you will let yourself down, and you will disappoint those for whom you care and love.


There is a new branch of Mind Virus that you should know about. It’s called DARK LORD. Now I realize that some of you religious nuts consider the “dark lord” to be the devil (lol). That’s wonderful.

This DARK LORD (Dr. Marc) is the voice of reason – not a representative from your fantasy underworld. This DARK LORD is the person who you can walk up to and ask, “Does this dress make me look fat?” and receive a response along the lines of, “Hell yeah – it makes you look REALLY fat!” This DARK LORD calls a rainy day…a rainy day. This DARK LORD is the guy who tells a parent that there is no such thing as “moderation” when it comes to giving your kids cola, chips, cookies, and candy with HFCS and partially-hydrogenated oil. Your brain may rationalize the idea of moderation, but your body is what’s taking the hit. Garbage goes in, garbage stays in.

For those of you wondering about who and/or what I’m referring to when I mention the DARK LORD, consider yourself educated. The DARK LORD will be introducing information for your reading, viewing, and listening pleasure that will introduce the concept of REASON into your life.

You’re welcome.

Have A GREAT Day!

…Dr. Marc Swerdlick, Chief Mind Officer, MIND VIRUS