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Coarse Sandpaper

Friday, February 10th, 2012


We’ve all heard the expression, “You need the right tool for the job!” In most cases, what is being referenced is a tool (like a specific type of screwdriver) and its application. I use that expression in a very different context. What I’m typically referring to is the match-up between what a person wants AND what tools that person selects to get what they want.

I am often amazed at how people lack the ability to match the “tool” to the application – regardless of whether we’re talking about the business side of life or the personal side of life. Here’s what I’m talking about (using a business example):

Let’s say that you’re opening a new casual restaurant that is geared toward adults, but still welcomes children. The “feel” of this restaurant is very much like a ski chalet. It says, “Come on in, take your shoes off, grab a beverage and just kick back.” Given what I just told you about the decor, what types of choices would you put on the menu? A better way of asking that question would be, “Where could you GO with that menu?” What type of staff would you be looking to hire? What type of uniform would be MOST appropriate for the servers?

If I told you that this new restaurant decided to have their servers in white dress shirts and black ties, would you think that the BEST decision for that kind of restaurant OR would you slam your foot down on the brake? If I told you that the kids menu offered hotdogs, what would be your response?

In my travels, I find business professionals (i.e. restaurant owners, financial advisors, luxury automotive sales, dentists, chiropractors, etc.) using the equivalent of coarse sandpaper to polish antique furniture. And when presented with just how WRONG they are in their approach, what I often get in response to my observations is nothing less than a temper tantrum. Their egos are so over-inflated that they can’t fathom the possibility that the tool isn’t even close to matched up to the application.

Let’s look at the personal side of the equation:

My friend Treva desperately wants to be a model. Treva is in her early 20’s, very attractive, and without question – looks like she could be on the cover of Vogue. Actually, the word “attractive” does not do her justice. Treva is also very shy and quite resistant to learning how to become “sexy” for the camera. She understands her issue, but refuses to learn new behavior. As a result, she is not getting work. She understands that there are lots of pretty faces out there, but unless you know how to “work it,” things aren’t going to happen for you if you want to be a model.

Treva wants to become a model on her own terms, even though she is very much aware of what’s required to succeed in her desired profession. In essence, she is the equivalent of coarse sandpaper (with the modeling industry being the equivalent of fine antique furniture).

Unfortunately, what many people lack is the ability to determine the best “tool” for the job, and of course – how to put that tool to the best use as a means of achieving their goal. They become their own variation of coarse sandpaper. Inevitably, their lack of strategy becomes self-destructive.

To get ahead, you need to clearly determine that which is needed to get you from A to Z. If you are not prepared for journey, then why even start the trip?

Have A GREAT Day!

…Dr. Marc & The Mind Virus Team